Thursday, January 21, 2021

For Sale: 2013 16' Duffy Back Bay Asking $ 25,000

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2013 16' Duffy Backbay
ASKING $ 25,000
* Hard to find 16'Back Bay
* Clear Windows
* 3 Year Old Batteries
* Two Tables
* Stereo

TRANSFERABLE storage place in Newport Beach GREAT FIND!

Will sell FAST

Listed on 01-21-21

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

2001 18' Duffy Classic ASKING $ 14,000

2001 18' Duffy Classic
ASKING $ 14,000
* Two year old batteries
* Clear windows
* Stereo
* Fresh Surry
* Clean Upholstery

Very clean boat will sell FAST!
Listed on 01-20-21


2017 18' Duffy Snug Harbor

2017 18' Snug Harbor
ASKING $ 35,000

Original owner always under Duffy Care lightly used.

* Two Tables
* Refrigerator
* Stereo
* Teak and Holy Cabin Sole

Clean boat will sell FAST!

Listed on 1-20-21


Tuesday, January 12, 2021

2003/12 21' Duffy Newporter ASKING $ 21,000

 2003/12   21' Duffy Newporter
ASKING $ 21,000

* This boat was rebuilt from Duffy in 2012.
* Replaced Windows in 2020.
* Bottom Paint in 2020.
* Boat always under "Duffy Care"
* Clean Upholstery.
* Stereo

Very clean boat should sell FAST !  SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD 1-14-21  sold for $ 19,000

Listed on 1-12-21

Sunday, December 27, 2020

I Need listings boats are selling!

Boats are SELLING and I have buyers for 22's, 21's and 18's. Please scroll down my page and review all my past sales.  THANK YOU!  PLEASE CALL 714 931 6710  will appraise your boat TODAY!

22' BayIsland/Sun Cruiser       Comparable Sales

Low: 32,000
Med: 35,000-37,000
High: 38,000-42,000
New $ 55,000

18' Snug Harbor                       Comparable Sales

Low: 22,000-23,000
Med: 24,000-26,000
High: 27,000-32,000
New:  42,000-44,000

21' Classic/Newporter                Comparable Sales

Low $ 9,000-11,000
Med $ 12,000-15,000
High $ 16,000-22,000

Monday, December 7, 2020

2017 18' Snug Harbor Duffy ASKING $35,900


ASKING $ 35,900

This 2017 18' Snug Harbor is as close to NEW as one can get, this boat sat in the showroom of the Michigan Duffy dealer for most of 2017 while the boat had been used for one summer in 2018. The owner purchased the boat in March of 2020, because of Covid the boat was finally delivered to Ventura California in June 2020. The owner has not been able to use the boat because the private lake has been on lock down. The boat is now available for sale and is still under shrink wrap from the delivery from Michigan.

* Two Tables.
* New teak and holly cabin sole matting.
* Stereo.
* Trailer is available and will be sold separately ASKING $ 4,700.00


Listed 12-06-20    SOLD,SOLD,SOLD,SOLD,SOLD,SOLD,       $ 33,500  on 12-21-20


Tuesday, December 1, 2020

2000 21' Duffy Classic ASKING $ 15,000

 2000 21' Duffy Classic
ASKING $ 15,000
* Clean Surry
* Clean Upholstery
*  Refrigerator
* Stereo
* Search Light
* Twin Bugle Horn

Clean boat priced well, should sell fast!

Listed on 12-01-20  SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, Sold, Sold !    12-10-20 $ 12,000

2000 21' Duffy Classic ASKING $ 17,500

2000 21' Duffy Classic
ASKING $ 17,500
* Clean Surry
* Clean Upholstery
* Stereo
* Full Boat Cover
* Refrigerator

Clean boat should sell fast! SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD,  12-17-20   $ 15,000

Listed 12-1-20


Tuesday, November 24, 2020

2000 18' Duffy Classic ASKING $ 13,000

2000 18' Duffy Classic 

 ASKING $ 13,000

* Replaced windows

*Replaced sury 

* Replaced batteries 

* Replaced cabin sole

* Always under Duffy Care

Listed on 11-24-20  SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, 12-3-20 for $ 12,000

Sunday, November 1, 2020

The Harbor Report: Savoring days on the Duffy

By Len Bose
October 25, 2013 | 10:55 a.m.

This week, I spent a lot of time shuttling Duffy electric boats to and from the shipyard for prospective buyers to complete their inspection process before they purchase a boat.
While on the harbor, during these warm Indian summer days, I thought back to all the good times I have had while cruising the harbor.
As a college student, I recalled all the Friday nights we found a place to park the boat in the Rhine Channel, started our night at Snug Harbor and worked our way down the channel to Woody's Wharf.
Quite often, we would meet some new friends and introduce them to the harbor by returning to the Duffy and continuing to cruise down the peninsula, frequently stopping by the yacht clubs and other favorite restaurants to use their facilities and partake in the local nightlife.
Favorite stops along the route included the Studio Cafe, which we referred to as the Who Do You Know. Then we stopped off at Dillmans, Class of '47 and the Balboa Saloon before returning back to the boat, many times with new crew members. On numerous occasions, many of our new crew members had never experienced our harbor aboard a Duffy.
As proper gentlemen and yachtsmen, we could not comprehend how anyone could miss out on experiencing our harbor at night, with the moon, stars and lights reflecting off the rippling water. In the late summer months, during a red tide, the bright, glowing bioluminescence in the water was more entertaining than the laserium.
Staying on course, we would then cruise down to the east end of the harbor and visit the two Corona del Mar yacht clubs before stopping on Balboa Island at the Village Inn. Many times, our visits were short because it was more fun to be on the harbor rather than a crowded restaurant.
Other frequent stops were the lighthouse beach on Harbor Island, the different water slides around the harbor or a climb up on one of the fiberglass whales in Newport Dunes. If the water was still warm and the tide high, there was the occasional thought of jumping off one of the harbor bridges before returning to our starting waypoint.
On one of these summer nights, there was one crew member who grabbed my complete attention. Our first date was a Duffy cruise, just the two of us, and a stop for dinner at George's Camelot in Lido Village. While leaving the restaurant, when rounding Z mark and heading under the Lido Isle bridge, I asked if it would be OK to kiss her. Two years later in the same location, where we jumped off a bridge together and had our first kiss, I asked her to marry me.
Now, 20 years later, I and that same crew member, now promoted to first mate, along with our teenage deck hand, take Duffy harbor cruises together. Our deck hand has heard the story before and is uninterested each time we reminisce about all of our good times together. The stops along the route are less frequent and the nights much shorter. What has not changed is the beauty of our harbor and how my first mate looks at me each time we pass under the Lido bridge.
If you have never taken a Duffy electric boat cruise around our harbor, I highly recommend it. The truly priceless time on the water with your high school friends or your grandchildren will be cherished throughout your lifetime.
There are many places to rent a Duffy for the night — from the Duffy rentals on Pacific Coast Highway, the Irvine Company, Marina Boat Rentals at the Balboa Fun Zone and Windward Sailing Club.
If you are considering a new Duffy, just stop by the Duffy showroom and ask for Matt or Jim. No high-pressure sales from this team; they just want to make sure you enjoy our harbor experience.
Should you wish to look over what the brokerage Duffys have been selling for, please visit my blog site at
Sea ya.
LEN BOSE is an experienced boater, yacht broker and boating columnist.

Electric Boat Care Tips: 7 Important Boat Maintenance Tips You Should Know

There’s no better way to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon than out on the water, hands down. With the wind in your face and a cold one in your hand, you feel that all is right with the world.
But you don’t want your Sunday boating experiences to come to a screeching halt because you didn’t maintain your electric boat. 
The best way to make the most of your boat is consistent care and maintenance. Here’s a rundown on seven boat maintenance tips to always keep your vessel in good shape this year.
Let’s get started!


One of the most important steps you can take with your electric boat is to keep its exterior clean.


For starters, keeping the boat clean allows you to showcase its beauty.
However, a clean exterior also prevents invasive species from spreading. This ultimately keeps the waterways protected.
In addition, if you keep the exterior clean, this will keep its finish intact and thus protect your boat’s structure. Over time, sea salt can cause scratches and abrasions that are expensive to remove if you don’t remove this salt regularly.
Finally, a boat with a clean exterior performs better overall.
Meguiar’s Marine/RV Gel Wash remains a popular agent for removing grime and dirt from your electric boat’s surfaces. A major benefit of this wash is that it is environmentally friendly.
Also, try 4U, a de-greaser cleaner that is nontoxic. This cleaner works well for any area of your boat that is hard to clean. 


Another important electric boat maintenance tip is to maintain your battery. Specifically, if you keep your battery filled with water and charged, you can expect it to last for as many as 1,200 cycles on the water.
When it comes to filling the battery with water, don’t fill it to the top. Just fill it to half an inch over your plates. Also, do this after charging.
In addition, don’t place a brand-new battery inside a pack that has over 75 cycles or is over six months old. Instead, use a decent used battery or replace it all.
Finally, when it comes to winterizing your battery pack, remember that batteries have the potential to freeze when the temperature is cold if they aren’t fully charged. So, be sure to keep your battery charged if storing it during the winter months.


Speaking of storage, pay close attention to how you store your electric boat as well. Proper storage will protect your vessel from damage related to the elements, particularly in the winter season.
With appropriate storage, you can keep rain, ice, and snow off your boat. In addition, you can allow airflow, which will prevent mildew from building up.
If you plan to store your boat outdoors, be sure to place it under a covering. You may also want to hire a professional to shrink-wrap your boat. This will keep your boat ventilated and covered simultaneously.
Storing your boat indoors is an especially good move in that it offers protection from the sun and weather. For instance, you could store your boat in a garage or storage winter during the winter. Dry stacking is also a viable option for keeping your vessel protected.


Be sure to also clean the bottom of your vessel, as this will help with vibration.
The problem with salt water is that it can cause barnacles to form, especially in water. Cleaning your boat’s bottom and repainting it each year can help you to retard barnacles’ growth.
You can easily remove both barnacles and algae from your boat’s bottom through hand scrubbing or pressure washing.


While cleaning your boat, make sure that you also polish your hulls and protect them with wax. This is especially important if your hulls are a dark hue.
If you fail to polish and wax your hulls each year, the color will end up fading over time.


A window cleaner is another tool to include in your boat maintenance arsenal.
Specifically, Meguiar’s glass cleaner is a handy option for cleaning your windows’ inside surfaces. After all, you can’t easily clean these surfaces with water and gel wash.
Simply use a durable diaper cloth and the glass cleaner to keep your windows looking shiny and new from the inside. The great thing about Meguiar’s glass cleaner is that it works quickly, so this task shouldn’t take too much of your time.


Finally, be sure to also give your electric boat’s upholstery a good cleaning.
Meguiar’s M57 cleaner for rubber and vinyl can be applied to your cushions once you’ve used 4U on them. With this cleaner, you can expect your vinyl to remain clean longer. In addition, you will help to extend the material’s life.

LEN BOSE YACHT SALES recommendation to proper DUFFY  maintenance. Sign up for your local Duffy maintenance "Duffy Care" and purchase a full boat cover!

Proper Social Distancing in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach

Saturday, October 31, 2020

2018 18' Duffy Snug Harbor ASKING $ 35,000

2018 18' Duffy Snug Harbor

ASKING $ 35,000

* Always under Duffy Care

* Full Boat Cover

* Search Light

* Two Tables

* Stereo

Boat is in like NEW condition, SHE WILL SELL FAST !!!!!!!!!

Listed on 11-13-20     Excepted offer in ONE HOUR of listing!-SOLD SOLD SOLD   $ 33,500  11-20-20